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'Shadow of Fire' by Kim Major-George

‘What the artist saw!’ A studio life Blog by Kim Major-George
This is a my first Blog covering what goes on in my studio and in the life of an artist, I hope it will be the start of many a venture, so thank you for coming along for the first ride into
’ What the artist saw.’ I have decided to write about certain pieces of artwork that I have created, that are new or in my collection and required some interesting technical challenges I hope this will be interesting to artist printmakers and even non artists who are not aware of the process required to create a complex collagraph hand pulled print.
…….Taking a closer look…….

’Shadow of fire’  
This is a medium size collagraph with an interesting two printing plate process and mounted in an unusual way which I incorporated into the design idea from the start. Many of my images are float mounted to create an interesting effect of looking into the picture seeing layers below and layers above . ‘Shadow of fire’ is part of the ‘Elegant Universe’ colle…